Two Poems to Appear in June 2024 Ars Sententia

Two of Miller’s poems have been accepted by Ars Sententia for the June 2024 “Pulling Back the Curtain” edition.

This is what the editors had to say about the poems.

“Moon almost full” is a breathtaking piece that masterfully captures the essence of shared brokenness and the complexities of human relationships. Your haunting yet hopeful descriptions and skillful use of language throughout the poem have drawn comparisons to the works of the renowned poet, Emily Dickinson. The emphasis on dash lines, the vivid natural imagery, and the layered metaphors in the final stanza create a powerful and evocative reading experience that lingers in the reader’s mind long after they have finished the poem. One of our editors even noted the similarities between your use of moon and darkness imagery and Mitski’s song “My Love Mine All Mine,” highlighting the unique perspective you offer by exploring the brokenness of humans within the night’s darkness.

“Come executioner” is an incredibly powerful and poignant submission that fearlessly tackles the complex issue of our justice system. The opening line, which also serves as the title, immediately captivates the reader and sets the stage for the profound message that follows. The line, “the weak know no other way to prescribe justice—but neither are they willing to do their own dirty work,” strikes with the force of a ton of bricks, exposing the hypocrisy and the weight of the executioner’s burden. Your clever use of the title as the first line and the ominous final stanza showcase your remarkable skill in crafting a thought-provoking and impactful poem that pulls back the curtain on the harsh realities of our society.